About PayCargo Finance

PayCargo Finance is the leading financial services provider to the logistics and transportation industry.

We enable you to enjoy expedited cargo release with PayCargo while deferring your payment.

We work with PayCargo’s client base to help them improve their working capital and cash management. We offer deferred payment terms, typically 30 days, to clients right within the PayCargo System, so there is no extra work flow or process involved. When a client uses our signature product, PayCargo Credit, the vendor receives the payment immediately, funded by us, so the transaction proceeds as rapidly as possible.

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Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to combine state of the art financial engineering and financing solutions with PayCargo’s revolutionary payment platform to offer a “One Stop Shop” for the cargo industry.
Our Mission is to provide the freight shipping industry with an integrated solution that allows customers to efficiently manage their cash and working capital while enjoying the speed of the market leading PayCargo payment solution.

Continue to benefit from PayCargo's extensive network of vendors

Any of PayCargo’s 4,000 approved vendors can receive funds with the use of PayCargo Credit just as they would otherwise. And, with over 1,000 vendors releasing cargo within an hour of receiving PayCargo’s “Approval Alert”, our payor clients get the best of both worlds… rapid release and deferred payment!

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